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JY600 Automatic Swiss Roll/Layer Cake Production Line

JY600 Automatic Swiss Roll/layer Cake Production Line Function: complete solution for swiss roll cake making , and also layer cake making Capacity option: 300 kg per hour Oven option: Gas or electric oven both available
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JY600 Automatic Swiss Roll/Layer Cake Production Line


General Description:

 The wholeset equipment consists of liquid material-mixing machine,liquid material-storing bucket, liquid material-feeding machine, feeding nozzle, steel band gas tunnel oven, eturn conveying mesh belt, strip cutting equipment, cream/jam/chocolate filling equipment, cake bars turn over equipment, press equipment. Horizontal cut-off equipment, cooling and conveying system etc



Working Process:

1) Depositing the liquid materials directly on the steel band tunnel oven for baking.

2) After being baked inside the oven, the liquid material become a cake-belt, at the terminal of the conveying belt, it will be shoveled down, the convey back on the under belt. At this time, the cake belt is already turned oven.

3) After the cake belt is conveyed back to the place of cream/jam/chocolate filling equipment. It will be lifted by the slope type convey belt to the working platform where the cake-belt will be vertically cut into cake bars. Then spraying with cream/jam/chocolate. After that, turn over the cake belt one interval one and press on the beside belt. Then press a little bit.

4) After being horizontally and vertically cut, the popular new snack “swiss roll” is came out.


Technical Parameters:  

Capacity 5-6tons/day
Gas consumption 20-25kg/hr
Power 30KW
Tatal length 68M

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