Natural gas tunnel oven

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Details Introduction

Natural gas tunnel oven

Equipment Introduction:

1, the use of liquefied petroleum gas or natural gas as fuel, heating quickly.

2. Sub-temperature zone control. Each temperature zone temperature can be preheated, temperature digital display.

3. Through the structural connection of the temperature interval, the furnace body is allowed to expand.

4, the use of high-quality insulation materials, good insulation performance, high thermal efficiency.

5. The inner plate of the furnace is sprayed with silver powder silicone high temperature resistant paint (resistant to 400 degrees high temperature).

6. Height of furnace mesh belt: 1100mm

7. Automatic PID temperature control system, automatic temperature control and constant temperature.

8. Maximum temperature: 360°C

9. Flexible operation and high safety.

10, suitable for baking any variety of food.

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