The working principle of flour mixer

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1. The machine should be reliable grounding protection during operation, and it is strictly forbidden to reach into the mixing tank when the machine is running

The working principle of flour mixer

The working principle of the powder mixer: special structure, easier to replace seals and bearings. The dough mixing process is mixed under vacuum and negative pressure, so that the protein in the flour can fully absorb water in a short time and form a gluten network. The dough is smooth, so that the toughness and bite force of the dough can reach the level of yellowish dough, and the thin boiled noodles are translucent. The draft rate is high. When the draft rate is 38% ~ 55%, the machine can mix the dough normally.

Use of dough mixer: each shift is equipped with a person who is familiar with the performance of the equipment. Before starting, check whether all parts of the electrical appliance are well insulated and whether the motor is reliably grounded. Do not press the switch button with wet hands. If there is a problem, please ask an electrician to deal with it. According to the regulations of the machine, the dry flour is put into the flour mixing at one time, and the overload transportation is not allowed. Regularly refuel according to machine maintenance requirements. When mixing, the lid should be properly covered. Do not put your hands or other hard objects in the face bucket to avoid dangerous accidents. The power should be cut off when eating noodles. After cutting off the power and twisting the shell, the noodles should be removed. If the noodles are not cleaned all at once, they should be cut off with a knife before going to order the car. One person is not allowed to take the noodles and the other to order the car. Do not touch rotating parts during operation. If abnormal noise, looseness, debris, vibration, etc. occur, the machine should be stopped for inspection and maintenance.

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